I've drawn a lot of lewd ladies.
(Commission for mr.Opossum of their OCs: Amara, Thea, and Persephone)
So, does she pass the male swimsuit challenge? 
(Rtasva's OC Korie commission via Patreon)
“Alice wants to know if you’d like to join her party!”
(Commission for OCAppriciation)
I think Marci wants something...
(Dota 2 Patreon commission for ManOfTheWall)
A cool treat on a hot day.
(Commissioner's OCs, Cymry and Amelia)
Who's your favorite Fire Emblem girl?
(Lucina from Fire Emblem commission for FFreak726 via Patreon)
Do you prefer your demon girls horny?
(Commission for mr.Opossum of their OC, Amara)
"Hey 'Popstar,' 'I'll show you' 'More' that I'm the 'Baddest' 'Villain'."
(KDA Ahri commission. Caption via commissioner.)
"Tikktik is tikktik & they are a hive mind."
(OC commission for TikkTikHive)