ManOfTheWall wanted some girlfriends for his OCs Milo and Kiris, So here's Ariya and Joanna!
"Tsareena doesn't hold back in a fight."
(commission for & character belongs to Kyeojin)
Spring is tired. How do you take your coffee?
(commission via Patreon)
Beds are for fun.
(Commission for MagicalDrew on FA. The girl is named Gaia)
Commission for NovaShadows of my girls (Lillie, Ally, & Eris) and their girls (Maxi & Spring) at a hot spring.
"Alyx the Werewolf on the full moon having fun with her girlfriend Kezzie the catgirl by the side of the lake."
(Commission for DarkArtsEternal (Twitter) of their OCs)
Do you want to battle?
(commission for yiffmagic02 over on twitter)